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Hi, I'm guys are amazing. xxxooo

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성적 취향양성애자
신장5'4" - 5'6" [160cm- 170cm]
무게120 - 140 파운드 [55 - 63 킬로그램]
음모털 면도함
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Start with my mind. Touch me there first. Run your fingertip along the edge of my fantasies. Learn where the sharp, unexpected edges are and revel in the feel of each curve.

I like people with emotional and intellectual depth. People that speak with passion from their inner twisted mind.
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Chemistry is you touching my mind and it setting my body on fire. Talk2me.
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Rudeness && lack of MANNERS

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화요일 오후 12:00 – 오후 4:00
수요일 오후 12:00 – 오후 4:00
목요일 오후 1:00 – 오후 4:00
금요일 오전 10:00 – 오후 3:00
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Bouquet of flowers
Bouquet of flowers
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Hey gorgeous, just thinking about you,,again. Hoping things went well today for my incredible lady. Get better soon so we can all see that beautiful smile real soon. In my thoughts....
17. 11. 14.
The most incredible woman you can imagine.
17. 11. 9.
Five stars
17. 11. 9.
Very sweet. Makes you feel welcome in her chat. A special person not just a great body.
17. 11. 7.
By far the best on here . I have deleted so many others because they don't compare to her
17. 11. 4.
She is amazing and beautiful. She is funny to chat with and you dont wanna miss her when she is online.
You are awesome sweetie <3
17. 10. 22.
Not many camgirls on here can cause you to crave seeing them. But Lacey sure can. Can draw you in with her beauty, hook you with her personality and keep you under her spell with her charm. Chat with her and treat her with some dignity and you might be surprised what you get back in return.
17. 10. 20.
Very intelligent, extremely beautiful, and probably the most sensual girl on this site. I wish some of these folks wouldn't be so crude to her.
17. 10. 11.
The only thing I have had time to do with her so far is chat and I already can’t wait until the next time. Gorgeous girl. Great personality, Smart as hell. I think I may get hooked on this one.
17. 10. 10.
She deserves 100 stars.